10 Eye Makeup Secrets You Need to Know

I'm sorry, guys. I never meant to hurt you. Just to destroy everything you ever believed in. Uh, is the puppy mechanical in any way? Yep, I remember. They came in last at the Olympics, then retired to promote alcoholic beverages!

It may comfort you to know that Fry's death took only fifteen seconds, yet the pain was so intense, that it felt to him like fifteen years. And it goes without saying, it caused him to empty his bowels. Pansy.

There's no part of that sentence I didn't like!

It's just like the story of the grasshopper and the octopus. All year long, the grasshopper kept burying acorns for winter, while the octopus mooched off his girlfriend and watched TV. But then the winter came, and the grasshopper died, and the octopus ate all his acorns. Also he got a race car. Is any of this getting through to you? So, how 'bout them Knicks?

  1. Can I use the gun?
  2. Look, last night was a mistake.
  3. You guys go on without me! I'm going to go… look for more stuff to steal!

Alright, let's mafia things up a bit. Joey, burn down the ship. Clamps, burn down the crew.

Shut up and get to the point! Throw her in the brig. One hundred dollars. Of all the friends I've had… you're the first. Leela, are you alright? You got wanged on the head.

  • Michelle, I don't regret this, but I both rue and lament it.
  • My fellow Earthicans, as I have explained in my book 'Earth in the Balance'', and the much more popular ''Harry Potter and the Balance of Earth', we need to defend our planet against pollution. Also dark wizards.
  • You wouldn't. Ask anyway!

Quite possible. We live long and are celebrated poopers. Negative, bossy meat creature! Oh, I don't have time for this. I have to go and buy a single piece of fruit with a coupon and then return it, making people wait behind me while I complain.

There's no part of that sentence I didn't like! Daylight and everything. Bite my shiny metal ass. Large bet on myself in round one.

Ven ve voke up, ve had zese wodies. Hey! I'm a porno-dealing monster, what do I care what you think? I am Singing Wind, Chief of the Martians. Shut up and take my money!

When the lights go out, it's nobody's business what goes on between two consenting adults. Why yes! Thanks for noticing. Too much work. Let's burn it and say we dumped it in the sewer. Tell them I hate them.

Just once I'd like to eat dinner with a celebrity who isn't bound and gagged. You guys realize you live in a sewer, right? A true inspiration for the children. A true inspiration for the children. I was all of history's great robot actors - Acting Unit 0.8; Thespomat; David Duchovny!

Who's brave enough to fly into something we all keep calling a death sphere? What kind of a father would I be if I said no? Isn't it true that you have been paid for your testimony? Bender, we're trying our best.

Take me to your leader! Goodbye, cruel world. Goodbye, cruel lamp. Goodbye, cruel velvet drapes, lined with what would appear to be some sort of cruel muslin and the cute little pom-pom curtain pull cords. Cruel though they may be…

Also Zoidberg. That's not soon enough! Would you censor the Venus de Venus just because you can see her spewers? Bender?! You stole the atom. Kif might! Fry! Stay back! He's too powerful!

Who am I making this out to? Professor, make a woman out of me. When will that be? Do a flip! Leela's gonna kill me. You guys go on without me! I'm going to go… look for more stuff to steal!

Why not indeed! Of all the friends I've had… you're the first. Of all the friends I've had… you're the first. Negative, bossy meat creature!

You don't know how to do any of those. You won't have time for sleeping, soldier, not with all the bed making you'll be doing. Pansy. Meh. And so we say goodbye to our beloved pet, Nibbler, who's gone to a place where I, too, hope one day to go. The toilet.