Always stylish and unique.

Everyone needs a cute teacher tee or accessory in their life! It is my hope that each item will bring joy to your day and remind you just how special you are.

Please note that all items are created and designed by me. No SVG files are used-I put my heart and soul into each and every design!

Thank you so much for you support of our tees and merch!

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  • Unique Designs

    I work hard to design unique teacher apparel and accessories!

  • Women Employed

    Everyone that touches your order from designing to samples to printing and shipping is a female!

  • Unlimited Stock

    We don't sell out of styles or designs on any of our launches.

  • Merch Box

    a curated box with your teacher favs in unique designs ... coming SOON!!

  • LOVING my purchase

    I just have to say thank you for creating the affirmations design. As someone who deals with chronic pain, I deal with negative feelings a lot. I can't wait to wear this and remind myself how strong I am!


    "Your shirts are high quality and made for EVERYONE. I love the variety of colors, sizes, and styles." -Julie

  • Perfect! 10/10

    "Anytime I buy a new TCM sweatshirt it becomes my most lived in piece I always reach for!" -Ashley

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